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Fox Point Real Estate

Population, 2021 estimate: 6837
Municipality Type: Village

Fox Point is the first community north of Milwaukee along Lake Michigan that is arranged like a like a traditional suburb. It departs from the city feel by having larger lots and not having streets arranged in a grid iron format. It is a very nice suburban community that is still 10 minutes away from downtown Milwaukee.

Since Fox Point was primarily developed between the early and middle 1900s, the real estate selection is varied. It is possible to find stately colonial homes, large ranch homes and post-modern architecture. Real estate in Fox Point is very desirable. In Fox Point, you can find homes priced anywhere from $250,000 to around $2.0 million. The area mainly has single family homes although there are a few multi-unit buildings.

While Fox Point, WI is designed in a suburban manner, it still has some walking paths for getting out to enjoy its beauty. There are a few parks. Its Doctor's Park is a great recreational area because of its size and beach. Close to Fox Point is Bayshore shopping mall and River Point shopping center.

To begin searching for a home in Fox Point, try using one of the links below.

Fox Point Single Family Homes For Sale

Price Range
Under $400,000
Price Range
Over $700,000


Fox Point Condos For Sale

Price Range
Under $250,000
Price Range
Over $250,000



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